Bradley Cooper
      Leslie Bibb
      Brooke Shields
      Vinnie Jones
This Monday is ALL NEW as Steve and Bunny make fun of 
Steve Bannon, Y2K, nametag flair, and the gory 2008 horror 
This week is ALSO about Mormons and porn, NAZI FURRIES, 
Chesty Morgan, is Steve the EVIL Steve, hating HILLARY CLINTON, 
the National Security Council, the BEFORE picture, 
ALT-RIGHT BEETLEJUICE, Death by SINATRA, Old Blue Eyes and the 
Phillipines, BEVERLY CLEARY porn, the inventor of COMMAS, 
Chuck Palahniuk, OFFICE SPACE, not knowing DAVID BALDACHI, 
Steve the veteran, LEONARD NIMOY and NAKED WOMEN, quaint paranoia, 
The Y2K CZAR, Waterworld, Don't Poop In A Bag, the VALUE of 
BABYWIPES, Vice, zigging and zagging, MICHAEL J. FOX, Clive Barker, 
HELLRAISER, Hostel, the Jamaican horror comedy musical POPCORN, 
VINNIE JONES, Bradley Cooper, the band STOOL HARDENER, 
a GRITTY THOMAS the TANK ENGINE Reboot, IRON MAN, how all the 
killings are Brooke Shields' fault, and that crrraaaaazy Shyamalan 
twist ending!
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Yoinked from wikipedia
The film opens with a bald man with a briefcase sitting 
in a moving subway car. As the lights flicker he hears a 
noise, causing him to stand up. As he walks towards the source 
of the sound, the next subway car, he slips and falls in a 
large pool of blood. He then peers through the window to the 
next car and sees a figure chopping up a bloody corpse.
Leon (Bradley Cooper) is a vegan amateur photographer who 
wants to capture unique, gritty shots of the city and the people 
who live in it, and at the advice of gallery owner Susan 
(Brooke Shields), he heads into the city's subway system at night. 
He is criticized constantly by other photographers for fleeing 
danger before shooting a full roll. One night, in a decision to 
break this trend, he saves a woman on the subway from two thugs 
threatening her with a knife. The next day, he discovers that the 
woman has gone missing. Leon is intrigued by the mystery, and begins 
to investigate reports of similar disappearances. His investigation 
leads him to a butcher named Mahogany (Vinnie Jones), whom he 
suspects has been killing subway passengers for the past three 
Leon attempts to turn some of his photos of Mahogany in to 
the police, but they refuse to believe him and, instead, cast 
suspicion on his own motives in photographing the victims. Leon's 
involvement quickly turns into a dark obsession, upsetting his 
waitress girlfriend Maya (Leslie Bibb), who is as disbelieving 
of his story as the police chief. Leon takes matters into his 
own hands, boarding the last subway train of the night, only 
to witness a shocking bloodbath, as the butcher kills several 
passengers, then hangs their bodies on meat hooks. After a brief 
scuffle with Mahogany, Leon passes out on the train's floor, he 
awakes the next morning in a slaughterhouse with strange 
markings carved into his chest.
A concerned Maya and her friend Jurgis (Roger Bart) begin to 
examine the photos Leon has been taking of Mahogany, leading them 
to the killer's apartment. After breaking into the butcher's 
home, Jurgis is captured and brutally killed. Maya goes to the 
police, but finds that they are as skeptical of her story as they 
were of Leon's. A police officer then directs Maya to take the 
midnight train. Leon, unaware of Maya's involvement, finally 
decides to put an end to the butcher's crimes. Leon heads to a 
hidden subway entrance in the slaughterhouse, arming himself with 
several slaughterhouse knives, and wearing a butcher's apron.
Leon enters the train as Mahogany has completed his nightly 
massacre, and has cornered a helpless Maya. Leon attacks the 
murderer with a knife, beginning a climactic battle between the 
photographer and the butcher. They fight in between the swinging 
human flesh—Leon's knives against Mahogany's meat hammer—and 
human body parts are ripped, thrown, and used as weapons. Finally, 
Mahogany is thrown out of the train by Leon, but not long before 
it reaches its final stop, a cavernous abandoned station filled 
with skulls and decomposing bodies. The conductor steps into the 
car, advising Leon and Maya to "please step away from the meat." 
With these words, the true purpose of the abandoned station is 
revealed, as horrible reptilian creatures enter the car and 
consume the bodies of the murdered passengers. Leon and Maya flee 
the carriage and go into the cavern.
Mahogany - in a battered and bleeding state - returns, barely 
alive, and engages in a death struggle with Leon, who finishes the 
job at last by impaling the psychotic butcher's skull on a blade. 
Mahogany grins in his dying throes, speaking the single word 
The conductor appears and explains to Leon that the creatures 
have lived beneath the city since long before the subway was 
constructed, and that the butcher's job is to feed them each night 
to keep them from attacking subway riders during the day. He picks 
up Leon, and with the same supernatural strength as the deceased
butcher, rips out Leon's tongue, throwing him to the ground and 
eating the tongue. The conductor brings Leon's attention to Maya, 
who has been knocked unconscious and is lying on a pile of bones 
(presumably this took place some time during Leon's fight with the 
butcher). The conductor then forces Leon to watch as he cuts Maya's 
chest open to remove her heart. When he is done, he tells Leon that, 
having killed the butcher, Leon must take his place.
Finally, the police chief hands the train schedule to the new 
butcher, who wears a ring with the eight pointed star on it, a 
symbol for the group that feeds the creatures. The killer walks 
onto the midnight train, and turns his head to reveal that the new 
butcher is Leon.

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