Episode 100


       Zach Woods
       Wayne Wilderson
       Sarah Baker
       Michael Hitchcock

THIS MONDAY is ALL NEW with our suuuuper meta 100TH EPISODE where we discuss EPISODE 2 of OUR OWN PODCAST! Whaaat?
This week is ALSO about getting the thanks we deserve, the LITTLE CAESARS mascot, the death of the NFL, the upcoming CIVIL WAR, angry CHUCK WOOLERY, Jessie Spano’s CAFFEINE PILL meltdown, Steve’s gay relationship with a Christian KKK LEADER, the NOKIA HOWDY DOME in Tulsa, Furries, being critical about cops, Mountain View California, a list about list, a list about parts of a list about lists, BIG BUTTS, luchador nursery rhymes, that time Mr. Hooper died, GOD’S NOT DEAD, old people loving SATAN, Disney Theme Park Weather, Documentary Now and THE EAGLES, poetry, AMATEURISHNESS, a bad 2014, TOM CRUISE, cult hits, Psycho (not the GOOD one), and the best RAP DISS ever!
FIND THE SHOW ON iTUNES, SOUNDCLOUD, OR LISTEN RIGHT HERE: https://thepopeonfilm.wordpress.com/ LIKE OUR SHOW … or Jessie Spano will get addicted again!!
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